JTen Photography’s intent (goal? mission?) is to provide memories for all who wish to remember the things they love and appreciate, or simply want to document the things they take pleasure in.

A brief history of my photography addiction

A native of northern Indiana, I’ve been playing with cameras since I was just a kid. Shooting with cameras from Kodak Instamatics, Polaroid “instant” cameras, and a Spartus Full View among others. I also was into movie cameras as well; 16, 8 & Super 8mm, from Bell & Howell, Revere, and even a very nice Bolex.

I bought my first SLR; a Konica Reflex TC as I hit my 20s and never looked back. After a few years with Konica, I switched to Canon, and that's who I’ve been with since. My first “professional-type” camera was the EOS 620, which had auto-focus. For a guy with extremely poor vision, this was a revelation to a new revolution!

Time passed and soon the rumors proved true: Digital cameras were here! Skeptical at first, (What? Using a 3.5" floppy?) I watched and waited. And soon the world became flooded with little digital point n shooters.
Once again, time passed, now with rumors of  Digital SLRs (DSLR) on the horizon. This also proved true and now all I had to do was to wait for one that would be affordable.  Enter the EOS 10D. I purchased one of the last ones available in Phoenix. Sadly, from that point on, I began to forget what "film" ever was.  Yes, friends, technology is a cruel mistress.

These days, my primary camera is the Canon 50D, with a 20D as backup. I also use a Canon PowerShot S5 IS, as well. Since I’ve been a photo/video buff for many years, now, I also have more miscellaneous equipment strewn about my place than I care to admit, but if you’re a photo buff, you know what I mean.

Personally speaking....

My wife and I left 4 season Indiana for the desert heat of Arizona in 1979. Since then, we’ve raised three unique sons, each with his own personality and style, and each of whom have struck out on their own to seek their fortune or whatever it is that they do. However, each of them continue, on a regular basis, to remind me that they’re all grown up, “so we’ll do as we please! Hah!!”.

We currently living in a little place on 5 acres of naturaI (non-landscaped) desert, that we call the “Ranch”. No horses, no chickens, or the like, but having moved from the cramped and crowded subdivisions in the city, it sure feels like a ranch to us.

Career-wise I spent nearly 30 years working in the semiconductor industry where, despite my job description, I was able to work my way into tasks and responsibilities that let me use photography, videography, and all manner of audio/video equipment, while still attempting to fulfill the duties my job description. In late 2008, I was retired against my will. The ending of a year of dismal predicaments. Since I had had foot surgery in January, a scheduled rotator cuff surgery, which went horribly awry in March, and a completed rotator cuff surgery (Yay!) in May, the “reduction in force”, capped off one of my least enjoyed years I’ve ever had. But... It certainly is giving me a lot of time to explore other opportunities and possiblities; my photography being on the top of the list.

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